Do You feel special?

"Do you feel special?!" Will asks our guide when we are able to breathe again...
"Because you are from an amazing, special and unique place".
Our guide, with a way better English than I had when first arrived in the Netherlands, simply responds, "It's okay".

I silently giggle and looked at Will. No it's not just okay dude. It's amazing! It is a breathtaking view. Many say and I agree - it's the best and most stunning amphitheater rice terraces! 
It's one of the most beautiful thing I've seen in this trip! How can he say it's just okay?!?!!?


We arrived in the Philippines when April started and we stayed some days in Manila, it was Easter weekend and the city was, they said, deserted. I won't recommend it because of the things to see or the traffic, baggers, pollution or lots of signs of poverty. I would just say that our stay there, 3 too long days, was  "saved" by the people we meet there, including 3 great Filipinos and loads of internationals passing by or staying for undefined time.

We did videoke, we had cheap okay food, walked the old city, soaked an afternoon in a swimming pool, saw the many churches packed, followed the crowds in the streets, said thousands "no" to street kids eventually, we couldn't get more of it. We left overwhelmed to Banaue, and what awaited us in Batad was just heaven.

Our days there wouldn't have been so amazing if we perhaps had not met the super duper cool French couple - Luïc and Lucile. Why? Because we literally highjacked their plans and join them for their whole time in Banaue. And it was sooo much fun!

So what was expecting us in Batad?!? Yes, rice terraces. No internet. Many hours hiking and stunning view points. Rain and beautiful sun. An unforgettable peace. I also can't forget that in the evenings we played "truco".

Just going back to where I started, I wonder...
How much beauty we miss sometimes just around the corner? How much do we miss a place, a person, when we are not there or we can't hug that person? How little importance do we give to someone that sits everyday just across us? How much do we take for granted?

We must, more often, stop and look around us, be thankful and never stopped to be amazed by the small things. We all will be so much happier and feel, more often, special.


  1. We loved you being a part of our plans ;-) we will follow the rest of your adventures! We have to meet you again for the third round of Truco!! See you very soon! Lucile and Loic

  2. I do feel special, very much, to be part of your adventure :* big hug