From Laos to Thailand

We cruised through Laos as we decided to stay longer in the Philippines - decisions decisions decisions.

Even though it was a small sample from the country I had a blast in Luang Prabang and in its many cute little streets and in the best night market so far (I would have bought a lot of things there if I could:)). It was also in Luang Prabang that I saw the most volunteering offers since we start traveling - my favorite was The Big Brother Mouse. It was clear: there is still so much to be done in the country, not only with children but also with nature and wildlife. 
We had the opportunity to see part of the work done with elephants in the Elephant Village. The portion we contributed (1h elephant riding) was quite small compared with all possibilities there: from a full day training to become an official elephant rider (aka mahout), to staying over in the village or buying all sort of elephant-type souvenirs. You can always help. The cause is quite noble and riding that 40 years old elephant, I must confess, was something completely unexpected. I never imagined that rough skin, those funny moves and that thick fur. I was quite amazed by the obedience (and cleverness) of our elephant - when the mahout told her to refresh herself, while crossing the river, she did it promptly whole over her and me. It was sort of weird great experience. 

Having movie nights with popcorn or pizza at home it was all we wanted in some evenings these past months. Resting our feet while doing something we enjoy so much. The fact that we have no laptop with us makes it quite hard, but we managed in Luang Prabang, in one of the many cute cafes and restaurants. No pizza, no popcorn just movie and Laos' food, comfortable in the middle of some pillows. Sweet. Almost home. Some extra points to the city.

We slowly moved west into the border with Thailand - literately slow. It took us 3 days and 2 nights to get to Chiang Mai by boat (and 5h van). The Mekong river is beautiful, the landscape is great, it's one hell of a river...but it was so tiring that we don't wish to repeat it any time soon.

We get to northern Thailand safe and sound, tired, restless in a hard mattress room but Chiang Mai was keeping a little nice surprise for us. We got to know that there were friends around the corner - how energizing is that?! A lot! We had dinner dates with Michele and Patricia every night after doing loads of stuff with the daylight (temples, museums, massage course, hunting for postcards, sending  packages home, eating good food, etc.). 
Crazy Blues Singer. Great night!

Our last evening together in town was spent cooking, or learning how to do so in Thai style - it was so yummy! 


Sweet cooking partners German couple.

Little warning about mosquito bites in Thailand, I never saw my body reacting that bad - note to self use plenty of repellent day/night/everywhere or pick a good skin/bad blood like Will's :):)

And girls, thanks, it was awesome to be around you! The live music, the crazy tuk-tuk driver, the great restaurant host, the long talks & walks looking for food, the many beers, the street food and the night markets...the happy smiles! Our stay in Chiang Mai was 100% improved because we met you! 

The mainland Southeast Asia circle was about to be closed, but there was still a  unforgettable train trip to happen. Check out this post.


  1. Nice experiences you are having there! =) Cool to read it. Makes me wanna want to join you guys heh Hugs from us me, Rao and Einstein ;)

  2. Ahahah! Estiveram com a Michele! Muito bom! By the way, a comida parece maravilhosa! Cláudia

    1. Sim! foi muito do outro mundo :) :) Massss ainda mais louco foi encontrar o casal que conhecemos na aula de cozinha, 8 meses depois aqui na América do Sul :) Eles estão numa das últimas fotos, a selfie de grupo. O mundo é muito pequenino <3 beijinhos!!