Eat, Heat, Love

2/03/2015 , , 2 Comments

Here we are! We are in Thailand!

From some shy snow showers in Amsterdam, were we stayed 1 night at a brand new friends' place (thanks Manu&Lucia) and some snow break in Frankfurt, where we stopped around 3hours, we got to Bangkok. 11hours after. 
The heat gets to the +30C and the humidity +100% - I'm joking regarding the humidity but it feels like sweating and sticky all day long...I'm not complaining.

We got to see Bangkok a bit already, and what a crazy city! From temples to Chinese tourists, to food markets, to friendly scam artists, to (a lot of) noise,  to good street food - There is always food, everywhere, oh yummy!
The city sleeps a bit but not much! 

Here are some of my favorite spots we went so far.

We're staying a very basic hostel, in the neighborhood of Thewet, called Taewez Guesthouse. Very friendly staff, clean room, good breakfast and shared toilets. It's a family business, and with no full house, we barely see other guests around. Across the street, opposite of the quietness of the hostel, we have a very busy market, Thai alike - prepared food, fresh fruits, grilled meat, jumping fish. Noise is constant from 6am onwards, as well as the smells. These are mixed good and odd - confusing sometimes:) 

Will says that the city smells like cardamon all the time. I say they eat all day long, good food (perhaps with cardamon?). 
I will meet my Thai friend today and ask her if we are crazy. 
Bring it on crazy city! 


  1. I want you to try those crickets and some of those other bugs I always see on the food channel. They say it tastes like popcorn (do you have popcorn in NL?). :)

  2. I will try to taste the bugs, Ona. They look horrible... :)