Let's go on

2/12/2015 , , 0 Comments

Being in Thailand and not getting to see the Thai beaches sounded as not really being in Thailand...so while in Bangkok we decided, let's go a little south: get some proper chilling time, get the SCUBA certification, see the transparent waters, drink good coconut water and honeymooning.

Sounds like a plan! And Ko Tao, literally the "Turtle Island", sounded the perfect place for the diving certification. And that's where we got, to be exact in Sairee Beach.

Will is getting the certification now: around 18m below sea level, diving like a real fish. I tried also but did not fell comfortable to go deep. I guess I'm more snorkeling than diving:) If you get to Ko Tao and you like the under water adventures, check the more than 40 diving schools around here and pick one. By recommendation we went straight to Roctupus and what a fun group they have there! 

There is more than SCUBA around here though...The island is intensively beautiful, colorful boats in turquoise waters, Thai massages available on the beach, some wildness, roughness around, somehow has a peaceful side that allows you to relax (even though the island is full with party-hard people that comes to Ko Tao after the Full Moon party, Ko Phangan's most known beach party, as the name says already, it's held every month when the moon is full:)). Exactly because of that it's easy to meet other backpackers - Canadians, Americans,  British, French and so on - but you also see some families with kids. It's a funny mix. And as a small island, moving around in motorbike and enjoying nature, it's possible, easy and great!

Sairee, the longest sand beach strip of the island, it's about 10min taxi drive away from the pier/beach we got in here, Mae Had Beach. It's beautiful here...

I've been writing this post while moving around: having breakfast, watching people in the street, having my morning walk in the beach. Far from what I see in reality, this is my 180o degree view right now:

More and more a touristic spot Ko Tao attracted along the years many internationals that fell in love for (and felt free in) the smallest island of the Samui islands. Ones are just staying for few months, some with no plans to move out. 

We will go on. Tomorrow is Ko Phangan.

PS: this post was intended to be live on Tuesday, the 10th of February, but the island's internet connection got messed up. Locations and Timing are not accurate anymore.