Good bye. See you soon. Hi!

1/30/2015 0 Comments

[Originally posted on 20/12/2014]

I met many people during my time in the Netherlands. Friends and colleagues were made. I was lucky to have a handful who I can count as family. Even tough this is normal, it doesn't cease to amaze me.  Life here or there continues, unfolds on its own particular way just as anywhere else. Before I left Brazil I wondered how life worked in other countries. Will I make a new best friend? Will someone care if I'm sad or lonely? But I don't think so much about it anymore. Well, actually I do but only for really peculiar cultures. I suppose that I finally learned the lesson, such a cliché, that people are just people. We're all different, unique but, at the same time, share many common things with one another. Yep, it's a classical duality, antagonist ideas but that make total sense, exist in balance.
In our good bye party many of the people I met showed up. It was an honor and a pleasure. Once again, thank you for showing up! With some I feel that we'll hardly ever see each other again so I said a sincere good bye. Not that I want it but that's life and I embrace it. To the others closer to my heart I had only a feeling of "see you soon" and I'm pretty positive that we'll always keep in touch and we'll keep meeting up sharing many special moments together. We'll be always connected no matter how far. Those friends will be dearly missed.
Now I look forward to the future and to all the new amazing people I'll meet on the road, hostels, queues, bars, bus, laundry places and who knows where. Is there a limit for how many people you can hold dear in your heart? Well, I'm confident I can fit more in my own heart because love is infinite, isn't it? Just don't be spooked when I say: Hi! I'm Will from Brazil.