WOW Time

1/30/2015 0 Comments

We actually realized this week that we are almost "there" i mean the day#1 of our trip!! WOW, January simply passed by, so fast!

We have been so busy that it sounds a little insane to look back and see how many different things we managed to manage. WOW!

Girls going nuts
Family in Sintra
To name just a few things we did: We planned our wedding, that got a little bigger than what we initially imagined; We got surprised by our friends for partying hard on our bachelor(ette) parties one in Lisbon and the other in Amsterdam <3; And we also hosted the Brazilian and Dutch families in Portugal <3.
Our wedding guests' gift - DIY fabric tulips

It wasn't always easy, we had time running after us, but all went perfectly fine. We loved to gather so much love around.
Wedding sample pictures
I had no idea how cool it is to get married - Let's repeat it, Will?! :) :)

my fav. developer
And here we are, a few days before departure, packing, planning (a bit) our trip, preparing our blog to you, saying goodbye again...

Time...Time is sometimes odd, or it's perceived in odd ways.
Happy Times though.