a Three and a Zero

5/29/2015 0 Comments

I didn't make it easy to anyone to wish me happy birthday this year. I ran away from the familiar faces and places. I turned off the normal button. I bought a new sim card to my phone.

No matter what, I got to celebrate my 30s with people that I met a week and a day ago. The Guatemalan family we're staying. With Will by my side, as always. And many more via the amazing technology. And because of the time difference, I had the longest birthday ever.

How does it feel to be away in your birthday? How does it feel to be thirty?

Happy. I feel extremely happy. And in peace.
I'm not happy to be apart from the ones I love and care. No, not at all. I'm happy though to know that they (you!) are all saved in very special pockets of my heart. I feel happy to be in peace with my body and happy to embrace all it's coming with the three-zero. 
Even though I'm far from everyone, from everything I knew and called mine, I've never felt so close, so whole. I couldn't feel more loved right now and I'm so thankful.

Thanks everyone for the calls, messages, emails, videos, pictures and voice messages from afar. Thank you strangers for las felicitaciones, smiles, hugs, personalized cake (I had two cakes!), drawing and birthday cards. 
Thank you mum Alicia to made my day start with jumps of happiness. The first message I saw this morning  was that I will be sharing my day with another sweet cute baby called Julia. Could this day get more special?! 
Obrigada Will pelo teu postal brega e pelas flores lindas. <3 

I often say that the trick to solve a problem is just a matter of taking two steps backwards to be able to see the full picture and fully appreciate all we have. Not only appreciate but also understand it better. I guess I had to travel this far to be able to fully feel and experience this peace and simple joy. Is either that or I'm truly getting old. Or both. 

We're now both, officially, 3.o