That Radio-Magic

Originally posted in February, "Radio-Magic" will be used to gather all the aired radio moments of this trip - hopefully we will have a bunch more: ) if you are not a Portuguese speaker you wont be able to follow the conversations but if you are curious ask me or Will what 's up :0

#1 (31/01/2015)
Last month while chatting with a friend - friend from a glorious time in a glorious house called Ru( (sim tu, Sandra Henriques!!) - about our round the world trip, she mentioned this radio show and the broadcaster, José Candeias.
Of course I know him, I mean, I know his name... I remember my grandmother mentioning it and his various programs in the radio. :) Do you mean that he follows people while they travel? If I would like to participate in his show? And tell him our story in the radio?! You mean our trip?! Yeah, why not?!?
So things kind of happened super quickly after I finally had the time for it - A.K.A. - after we got married. So on a Monday I wrote a long email to the program' s director and on Friday we were live at 6: 30 in the morning - yes, the show is super early from 5 am to 7 am, local time.
At 6: 30 am, we were storytelling on the national Portuguese radio( Antena 1 rocks!) about our World Trip... How funny is that?! It was super funny, I have to say. I recall being super sleepy, nervous but feeling again the radio-magic or, like I prefer to call it, the exciting feeling of speaking on the radio. Oh I missed that!
I 'm not quite sure how many of you know that I used to be a radio host, during my university years. For about 4 years I mainly wrote the news, interviewed people, wrote more news, helped out newbies to the radio and to the news department. I was also the co-author of a weekly program and at some point I was part of the board too. Oh Radio Universidade de Coimbra, I owe big time!
But back to the topic, the plan is to speak to José Candeias on his show once in a while, so he will be part of our trip as well as all his enormous audience. This is so cool, thanks for the opportunity! There are no plans yet for the next talk, but if you are a Portuguese speaker, give a try to our first take on this (other) adventure here (starting from 31') - enjoy our sleepy heads talking.

#2 (13/ 05 / 2015)
The second talk with Jose Candeias happened in May, more than 2 months after we initially talked, and it was in the middle of the night in the US. & nbsp;
We had a blast remembering our Asian adventures with him - the whale sharks in the Philippines, the 9 h hike we did in Jeju, South Korea, the massive reclined Budha in Thailand, Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the other world experience of no electricity home - stay in Laos.
Do you want to listen to it ? After the Minute 6, check this link : http: //

Portugueses Pelo Mundo(12 / 06 / 2015)
This time was only me talking, as the program as the name states, focus is the stories of Portuguese people living abroad - so no William fun, snif.
I talked with Alexandra about 20 min about my mini - life experience in Antigua, Guatemala - this time recorded and focusing on the volunteering, the life in Central America and the crazy idea of doing such a trip.They aired only 6 min but the full talk is here: http: //