The house is yours! Thanks!

9/01/2014 , , 0 Comments

Last week, the 24th of August, we solved an important piece of the puzzle: the house!

We had a couple of things pending because of not knowing when and if and how to solve the housing situation...We knew that the rent, the highest expense of the month, needed to be cut from our budget or it wouldn't make a lot of sense to continue in the Netherlands. But how do you cut such an expense and  you still continue doing some planning? Earning money to pay the rent? You still need to at least try to get your world trip plan finished (or should i say started?) and having a job (at least one of us) do we do that?

Well we first tried the landlord, he would give us anything... We thought we could move out and stay at a friends place, but not ideal... the best option would be to keep the same address, for a little longer and for free...but how?! With so many questions in our head we get to know that Eugenio and Paulina want to leave their place and they like ours! Yeahy, some good news! But how do we tell them that we love the idea of having them moving in but also that we would like to stay a little longer in the house?! Like staying in the house for free?! How do we tell them that we kind of need to be their first guests?!

We received them in their (to be) house - yes they are moving in as of the 1st of November - and we talked a lot. Details of the house, Jeroen and his funny mood, the furniture that we want to sell and the staying longer for free. I'm not quite sure if they realize, but they will be helping us a lot, when i say a lot, it means a LOT to us. For the last 2 months of the NL, we will be able to save a good amount of money that will allow us to be a little more comfortable and keep going. The house will be theirs and we will be, as much as possible, their guests.

This helped us a lot also and foremost in having some major details certain: we will leave the Netherlands in December 2014; we will head Lisbon and from there, around mid January we move to the world.

It might feel light or empty or simply a favour, but what these guys are doing for us, unlocked the real shit, and we may not even realize, but there is no way back now. And I'm very thankful.

Thank you, Aguilares!