Butterfly Party

Adrenaline rushes through my body. My thoughts are bit fuzzy, my mouth seems dryer and butterflies are making a party in my stomach. I can't prevent my facial muscles of carving a huge smile for hours. What a terrifying joy! 

What I just described is, for me, the clear indication that I'm heading out of my comfort zone, to magic, to the unknown, to life.

I always think that lucky are the people who have the opportunity to take the least taken path, that can spend time in the longer arduous road. And that brave are the ones that seize the opportunities and if they are not lucky, they don't bother and just make opportunities. Many people are not lucky enough to come across opportunities and when they do, they don't have the guts to seize it. But no judgements from my part since I'm also, most of the time, not lucky and neither brave enough. I love my comfort zone and stay on it for most of my existence. Only once in a while I jump out of it.

Living with a partner? Then it's even harder because, the way I see it, there's "my comfort zone", "your comfort zone" and "our comfort zone". So I have to jump out of mine, push her out of hers and together we jump out of ours. It's actually a quite special feeling when we help each other go out of our own individual comfort zones. We learn so much about ourselves and each other: what we like, our fears, what's easy and what's hard. Sharing this experience with the love of my life is actually the best part and something totally new to me.

Our Comfort Zone and Where the Magic happens

Who said that "Timing is everything" was absolutely right. Specially regarding big changes since "Now it's not the right time" is one of the most common reasons, or excuses, to avoid doing anything. Like any other complex subject, timing has many layers, is dynamic and interconnected. I guess this is the part which lucky really plays a big role. Life tends to be quite predictable, cyclical, while in the comfort zone so one can do some sort of planning.

But the cosmic forces at play put everything in place, the planets and starts aligned for a short period of time ... and we decided to take the leap.
Let the butterflies party.