Check List

12/08/2014 , 0 Comments

I realized these days that i love checklists! I really love the feeling of writing "DONE", of painting green the little box, of striking through a row, of recycling that paper I've been keeping with me for some time! oh what a feeling :)

I've always been up in the air, not really focused, thinking about 40 things at the same time, day-dreaming, chatting, writing an email, talking, everything at the same time, oh yeah and my memory.... If this may be funny at some point in your life this can be quite challenging especially when the expectations are high, such as at work or when you are at the University (or planning a world trip!).

So i had to find a way, a way of not losing it all, completely, totally, badly. Especially i needed to answer an important question: How can I remember everything i always have to do?
I always loved to multitask, this is me, but...I had to find a way!!
Let's write all of it! Yeah writing may help!

So I started doing checklists. One-by-One. So I'm a full list of TO DO's:
- The subjects that i had to study that week on university
- For the special guests i had to contact for my weekly radio program
- What to buy as Christmas gifts
- My groceries list
- What to pack
- What to write on an essay
- My work day
- Where i need to go when i go to the center

Planning this trip has not been an exception! I was lucky to reuse a friends checklist (thanks 125azul, only in Portuguese) on how & when start planning a world trip. We started already late based on that perfect planning, but i took my time to cleaned it up, added my own topics and i LoVe iT!
Checklists are fun, helpful and practical.
We still have some to go, but the buckets are getting greener and greener. 
I can't wait!