the first last day

5 and half years after,12 notebooks after, many many many many but many emails after, some other many-many conference calls after, my first run after, experiences for life after...

Yesterday was my last day at Nike. 

One side of myself is extremely sad, i will miss it - the vibe, the relaxed work environment, the gym classes, the brown big table, the green small tables, the big windows aside my desk, the coffee machine sound coming from the kitchen, the employee store, the first sample sale craziness, the dutch jokes (oh well maybe not this one...), the Nike night bus (nope, also not going to miss this one), the smell of fresh cut grass,  the people I met.

The other side of myself is extremely happy, I will always remember it - I did my first interview without being completely sure I wanted it, but this was my first real job/second home and I enjoyed it as much as I could! I met amazing people, I exceeded my own expectations and I managed to experience soooo many cool things.

last selfie
I was sad and happy on my last day at Nike. The duality I felt, and I still feel a bit, makes me strange, weird, confused, tired. I kept thinking "How bizarre are these feelings?!"

I will have many other last days. This first last one though, will always be somewhere stored, saved, remembered as part of myself.

Au revoir.