In December 2013, a little over a year ago at Sé do Porto, when turisting around, I saw a little colorful painted square in a wall. These were two arrows: One blue and the other yellow, representing Fátima and Santiago paths, respectively.

I took a picture of them. I wished in that moment to walk the Santiago path, I wasn't sure though if I would be able to do it one day. 
The truth is I thought about it several times during 2014: the fact that my sister is doing the path from Lisbon in stages, that another good friend did it from Valença certaintly kept the idea around me throughout the year. Even though, I guess, the major life changing decisions that 2014 brought me (or that I brought to 2014?!?) convinced me that I had to do it too.

And so I decided. In 2015 it is. In January 2015, in the exact same spot at Sé do Porto, we bought our compostela or the pass for the hostels.  We took a picture today with both arrows again. 

Will had me as his motivation, he says. If I really think about it, I'm not sure what is my motivation, I just know and feel that I need to go. We will be following the yellow arrows for at least 100km in the Portuguese path to reach Santiago. From Valença do Minho until Santiago de Compostela.

Happy and adventurous 2015 everyone!!!