Birthday Blues

3/06/2015 , , 0 Comments

30. That's me. Not flashing the usual huge smile. But that's still me, 100% sincere. My smile is there, shy, smirking from the corner. The not smiley part of me comes from the realisation that being alone on your birthday really sucks. I do have my one-and-only by my side and we are making our craziest dreams come true. But I do miss my dear friends and family. So I'm happy. And sad. The result? Gratitude.

That is the fine print of life, right? Double edged blade, complicated to handle. But cheers to that! And to another unforgettable birthday!

Eer, lemonade for me please, or else I'll screw with the antibiotics.
P.S.: Thanks to all the loving cheerful messages. You guys really make a difference.